Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From the Media Workroom

By Mark Brumbaugh 
OMAHA - Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. I am writing this from the media workroom the NCAA has done an excellent job setting up. Looks like we are curtained off on the convention center floor.

I hoped to write more yesterday as we traveled from Charlotte to Dallas to Omaha, but my brain did not have enough energy to produce complete and coherent sentences by the time I could connect to the Internet and charge the computer back up.

So here we go.

Who are the characters you are reading about here? The travel party includes Alex Radsky (duh!), head coach Bob Patnesky, assistant coach Joe Privitere, trainer Janah Fletcher and yours truly.

To introduce myself, I am Mark Brumbaugh and I am the wrestling contact in Davidson’s sports information department. As you probably have figured out, I am the one doing the reporting on wrestling for after joining the staff this past fall.

Luckily our travels were pretty uneventful. Assistant coach Joe Privitere and I both had our own row on the flight to Charlotte. Trainer Janah Fletcher had a window seat and a seat in between, while poor Alex got stuck in the middle of two people. Our flight to Omaha was only slightly delayed as the plane we were scheduled to be on had some mechanical issues. The airline pulled out another plane and after a "quick maintenance check" (please say "complete and thorough maintenance check" in the future) and we were on our way.

I got an aisle seat while Bobby P (window) and Alex (middle, again) were right behind me. Their aisle seat was occupied by the self-proclaimed “biggest wrestling fan in Texas,” so they had a great conversation for the duration of the flight. I snagged a video interview with them that we’ll post to YouTube shortly.

We then picked up our minivan and made our way to our hotel in downtown Omaha.

Today we slept in and Alex got a quick workout in on the mats. Again It’s a pretty impressive facility. So we’ll keep you posted.

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