Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back at the Hotel

By Mark Brumbaugh
Doubletree, Omaha, Neb. - We're back at the hotel resting up for Session II tonight.

Some random thoughts . . .

-The atmosphere is INCREDIBLE in the arena. With eight matches going on, there are just waves of fans cheering.The arena is packed  Pretty cool when you have multiple sections yelling twoooooo!

-The rivalries are pretty intense, as well. A big cheer went up when Oklahoma State got deducted a team point for unsportsmanlike conduct.

-It's good to see some familiar faces. Plenty of SoCon people around and a couple of the officials who are regulars at Davidson matches.

-For those reading my tweets or trying to follow the action online at, you may have noticed there was quite a delay before Alex went. There was a protest of a call during the prior match that held up the action.

Stay tuned! I'll put together a video of today soon. Things get back underway at 6:30 p.m. central/7:30 eastern.

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