Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Behind the Scenes with D.C.F.H. - Summer Greetings!

This would be me posing at the top of Pyramid Point, a sand dune overlooking Lake Michigan. Also, sporting an Ohio hat that was gifted to me at work one day.

Greetings from Northern Michigan! 

Long time, no blog. As pre-season quickly approaches I find myself extremely excited for a multitude of reasons, mainly because the upcoming season is about to be an awesome one. I have this extremely strong feeling of confidence that the previous statement is absolutely correct. And I’m always right. I’ve found myself lying awake at night running drills, plays and corners in my head. I guess that is when you know you love field hockey. Preseason serves as a clean slate and I have high expectations for our team that I know we can uphold. We not only have four lovely incoming freshmen, but also two new assistant coaches! Fresh faces are always a positive addition to any program and I know with these six, who I cannot wait to meet, we will continue to carry on the DCFH tradition of commitment, opportunity, and heart. Welcome to the family Kaitlyn, Michele, Anne, Becca, Katherine and Lauren! Lauren will join sister Tyler, a rising senior, on the team and Katherine upholds the family legacy as she is the sister of former player Hannah English, better known to many as “Lish.” Then there is my sister and I who chose rival schools so we could battle it out on the field and make it more difficult for my parents. The Appalachian State game(s) always stress my parents out because they have no idea which shirts to wear. This year they switched off gear at halftime…

Even though during the summer we all part from campus and go our separate ways, the summer off-season is a crucial part of our fall campaign. In late May Ginny gives us an extensive workout packet to follow throughout the summer months with a variety of workouts and exercises. As we return home to our families and high school friends, we realize that we are working for something bigger than ourselves during an interval run or sprint workout. It is during these summer months that we realize DCFH is just more than just a team, we are truly a family.

So where is DCFH this summer? All over the world, literally. Julia and Care headed to Spain and Tanzania, respectively, with Davidson’s study abroad programs. One of the many great things about Davidson is the various study abroad options they offer to student-athletes. Davidson’s depth of study abroad options remains one of the main reasons I chose the school. Both Ginny and the college acknowledge the importance of this experience and work with the student and program to make it work. Since fall is our main season, this leaves both the spring and summer open to go abroad. Coming back to where DCFH is this summer, many girls headed back home to summer jobs and internships. Many of our upcoming sophomores reunited at camp in July, which I hear was quite the success. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend because traveling from Northern Michigan to North Carolina proved to be rather difficult. As for myself, I have been in Glen Arbor, Michigan for the summer working at a kayak and canoe rental. My work uniform consists of Nike shorts, a t-shirt and Chacos. I love this job. While my summer has been quite enjoyable, I am ready to be reunited with my twenty-some sisters and brother, Julia. By the mass amounts of team emails that have been flooding my inbox, I think it’s safe to say everyone else feels the same way.

Even though most of us are miles away from one another, the summer is a crucial bonding time for DCFH. During these months is when the team email chain is at its greatest capacity. The DCFH team email is one of the greatest email threads known to mankind and that is no exaggeration. Alumni would agree to this statement as well. The email consists of a range of topics from summer workout comments to potential gear (rugbys, cough, cough) and funny stories to Princess Kate having her baby finally! (step aside North West) Incoming freshman are included in this email chain which allows for upperclassmen, which is me now…wow, to help answer questions about Webtree, our complicated scheduling system. Another very important topic for discussion in summer emails is music. In order to get through some of these intense workouts you need a little more than pure motivation. Luckily, most of the time music fills that void. Below I have included some of the shared tunes your current DCFH wildcats are listening to…the wildcats (celebrities) are just like you! Tune in.

1.     Paint- SOL
2.     Latch-Disclosure
3.     Juicy- The Notorious B.I.G. (a throwback, but necessary)
4.     Burn-Ellie Goulding
5.     We Can’t Stop-Miley Cyrus
6.     Wake Me Up-Avicii
7.     Holy Grail- Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake
8.     Fall Down- Will.I.Am/Miley Cyrus (we love Miley)
9.     Tiptoe-Imagine Dragons
10. Fitzpleasure-Alt-j

Well that pretty much wraps up this blog post. Crazy to think in less than a month DCFH will be back in action! August 14 is highlighted, circled and starred on my calendar as it marks the first day of preseason followed by two scrimmages against VCU and Limestone in late August. Check out our website to see our official 2013 schedule. Don’t worry, soon enough we will have some lovely roster pictures up for your entertainment.
                                               Paddling a kayak with a field hockey stick,  

**I would like to give a very late, but necessary congratulatory shout out to former teammate Annie Evans, I mean, Annie Evans Gumbs. Congratulations on your wedding! **

Rising sophomore Anna Davis runs up a mountain during her summer break. 

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