Sunday, March 14, 2010

Exploring Russia- Day 13

By: Erin Lycan
Today is my 27th birthday.  The girls helped me celebrate by making a huge birthday card and singing to me in the lobby before breakfast.  They were especially proud of their ingenuity with using their limited resources to get electrical tape and paper and markers to create a birthday card with a 3D effect.  They also let me cut to the front of the crepe line – I’m not sure I can explain how much of a sacrifice this was on their part but I will try…
At breakfast and dinner, there is a crepe lady available to make crepes on a hot plate.  As this is one of the few foods that the girls and the staff seem to be able to stomach on a daily basis, this is food we have twice a day.  The girls actually race to see who can get their first (one girl face planted on a mud puddle on the way and still managed to sprint to the front) and there is fierce territorialism to keep other teams from cutting in and just walking to the front of the line as they seem to have very little respect for normal lines.  So, I was quite honored to go straight to the front of the line.
The girls also figured out how to make my birthday special by taking some cake from the dessert table at dinner, taking a straw and some festive foil, lighting some paper and sticking in the straw as a “candle” and then having the whole dining hall sing happy birthday to me.  It was quite a treat and they’re a really fun group to be around.  

Region I ODP – 0

Krasnador Regional Team - 3


Region 1 ODP allowed two first half goals and could not find the back of the net to equalize, despite out-shooting the Krasnodar Regional Team 19-8 in the match.

This evening the team will learn its training time for Monday, as well as confirm its opponent for their last match on Tuesday.
We learned today that our final match will be played tomorrow, March 15th, at 3pm, against the Urals Regional Team from Russia. Notes for Monday are as follows:


The USA U17 Women’s National Team is currently in Costa Rica for the final phase of the World Cup qualifying process. The USA beat Haiti in its first match, 9-0, and the Cayman Islands 13-0, in their second match. They play Costa Rica Monday and with the win, will position themselves well for this summer’s U17 World Cup to be held in Trinidad & Tobago.


Finishing your early chances in a match changes the way the remainder of the game is played.


The next game that you play is always the most important. Never think that your last game is more important then your next game.


On Tuesday, March 16th, all teams will watch the final at 4pm that will be between China and Russia. Both teams won their semi-final matches, China 3-0 over Turkey and Russia 4-0 over Estonia.

Following the championship match, there will be an awards presentation on the field for the following: Tournament MVP, Golden Boot (most goals), Best Defender, Best Midfielder, Best Forward, Best Goalkeeper

Following this presentation, the teams will return to the hotel for a final dinner and social time for the players.

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