Monday, June 1, 2009

Nigeria, Here We Come

By Andrew Lovedale '09

I am really delighted and feel blessed about a rare opportunity to venture in Nigerian Terrain on a mission that is beyond me.

As a person used to going home alone on vacation, I am excited that God is using many others and I on this trip not just to perform a physical act, but to bless them from within with our time and passion for service.

I have always been sure of what I wanted to do in life, but the outcome of the shoe drive, further projected me into the realm of service. Davidson is a truly special place, and I have the community, faculty, staff, athletics department and especially, my lovely, lovely teammates for lending me their ears in the first place.

A lot needs to be done in developing nations and more than just giving and expecting results, engaging giving in ways that foster accountability long after the physical act is performed, is what should be the major goal.

Sports have taught me that the good of the whole is better than the good of the individual, education has taught me that the well of knowledge is endless and could always be tapped into, and Faith has taught me that with God, alll things are possible and who more can we lean on than He, whose wisdom begins where that of Man ends.

Teaching children to embrace sports, get their education and put God first will help foster accountability and that is what I am really excited for.

The trip will involve giving shoes, basketball and health clinics but more so, those going to affect lives, I pray will also have their lives changed forever.

Time at home is always fun but time at home spent serving, is priceless.

Nigeria, here we come....

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