Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kicks from 'Cats - The Final Phase

By Morgan Clark

As I sit looking at all my mini bottles of shampoo, sunscreen, and toothpaste (because we’re only allowed a carry-on!!), it finally hits me that I really am going to Nigeria.

I can recall meeting with Chris Dunn back in November, when he brought to my attention Andrew’s good deeds involving his trips back home to Nigeria. At the time, Chris (a Davidson alum), wanted to highlight Andrew’s good deeds and organize a shoe drive to collect more shoes for him.

I remember thinking, this is an awesome cause, and Andrew sounds like a wonderful basketball player – a role model for all athletes and students alike. I had no idea what to expect with organizing a shoe drive/promotion for the BracketBusters game, and I definitely had NO idea HOW we would get any shoes we raised TO Nigeria.

Luckily, after some research, some alumni effort, and a little bit of fate, Samaritan’s Feet came into our lives and thus began our trip to Nigeria.

A- I was amazed by the sense of community that surrounds Davidson – a community that raised over $14,000 for shipping & socks, and 500 pairs of new basketball shoes. I can’t stop repeating it.

B- Samaritan’s Feet donated 10,000 pairs of shoes & worked with Andrew to plan our 10 day trip – I can’t WAIT to see what life is like through Andrew & his family’s eyes, and to see all of the locations for distribution that Andrew has picked out.

C- I got to know Andrew, Frank, and many others that rallied behind the cause. I am amazed by the forward thinking of these students, and I challenge others to be more like them. If everyday, we thought about others just a little bit more, the world could be a much better place.

I have no expectations for this trip – other than to be amazed. I am so excited to help put a small dent in a world that needs so much help, by helping others achieve a better life – all just by having a pair of shoes.

We take so much for granted here in the States where our lives are really so simple and our problems are so small, if you take a step back and think about them. Andrew really said it all – “engaging giving in ways that foster accountability long after the physical act is performed, is what should be the major goal.”

I’m going to Nigeria to help achieve that goal. And it’s all thanks to you – the Davidson community – for making Kicks from ‘Cats a reality.

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