Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Picking Up the Momentum

By Robert O'Donnell
Columbus, Ohio

Hey, it is Rob O’Donnell checking back in. A lot has changed since my last post: the dynamic of the democratic primary as well as my geographic location.

Since my last post, I have been in Richmond, Va., Chevy Chase, Md., and now Columbus, Ohio. As you all, hopefully, know by now, Senator Obama swept the Potomac Primary by a resounding margin in all three states.

I was based out of Richmond, Va., at our campaign headquarters working in our communications department. I set up conference calls with reporters, booked national surrogates, such as Master P, Susan Rice, Tom Daschelle, Chris Tucker, and Edward Norton, on the local Virginia radio stations, and even booked Senator Obama on a few radio stations throughout the D.C. metro area. It was a great opportunity to expand my understanding of how a campaign is run, aside from working in the field.

Since Virginia, I traveled home for two days so that I could get my cast taken off my left wrist from an injury sustained this past fall in soccer. I then traveled to Columbus, Ohio, where I am currently working as a field organizer in downtown Columbus.

The people in Ohio have been great providing us with their time and commitment. We are developing an aggressive grassroots campaign as we head into the final, critical phase before the Ohio primary on March 4th. We were given a boost with the decisive victories in both Wisconsin in Hawaii, which make it 10 primary contests in a row where Senator Obama has been the victor.

Anyways, we feel very strongly that we can and will compete in Ohio to win the primary and potentially solidify our status as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. I hope things are well back at Davidson and I will make sure to check back in before the Ohio primary to give an update on how things are looking.

P.S. Here’s a picture of me with Senator Obama at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Richmond, Virginia. I was given the unbelievable opportunity to meet the Senator before he spoke to the crowd of 6,000 people. Senator Obama was engaging as well as impressive in person, and he personally thanked me for working on the campaign, which definitely was the highlight of my night!

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