Monday, February 18, 2008

Introducing Omar Pickett "Tha Ticket"

By Will Bryan '08

Behind every great team, there is a great manager. And with Davidson's Omar Pickett, the greatness often overflows the kettle. Pickett is known to Wildcat fans the world around for his pinstripe suits and his unceasing energy behind the Davidson bench. I recently had the chance to sit down with Omar Pickett "Tha Ticket."

Favorite food: Rice and Hot Dogs (HA!!! YOU THOUGHT IT WAS BOJANGLES!!!)

Favorite academic subject: Anything about Political Science

Favorite piece of clothing: Anything Under Armour

Reason you became a manager: Free Powerade after practice

Favorite moment in your managerial career: When the team got me an IPOD Nano

Player you like going 1-on-1 against the most: Dan Nelms

How often have you beat him: Once (he was on his cell phone the whole time, but a win is a win)

Plans for the summer: Internship in DC or a Christian Nature camp in Tennessee

Favorite road gym you've managed in so far ... why? Cameron Indoor Stadium...Cause I found out how crappy it looks in real life.

Favorite Davidson coach ... why? They're all great, but I'd pick Coach Matheny, cause he can be smooth and intimidating at the same time

Biggest conspiracy in professional sports: Right after 9/11, when everyone wants to be PATRIOTIC, the PATRIOTS win the Super Bowl.

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