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MBB European Tour Final Journal by Tyler Kalinoski

Journal Entry #7 – Saturday, August 25, 2013
By Junior Tyler Kalinoski

As we woke up for an early morning breakfast Friday morning, some of us felt recharged from the previous day of leisure. For others, including myself, we woke up sore legs from the grueling hike up the Alps. After another great meal in the hotel we changed into our running shoes and met out on the tennis court located right outside of our hotel. There, coach Matt McKillop lead us in some stretching before Chris Hagemann took us through a moderate exercise to get our blood flowing and our bodies loose for the upcoming game. The exercise consisted of some push-ups, planks, lunges, curls, and tricep extensions.

After the workout everyone went back into their rooms to shower and take naps before our pre-game meal at 1:30. Although we were upset that we couldn’t order dessert before the game, we all felt satisfied from the amazing meal and the outstanding fresh mozzarella balls.

At 4:15 we departed for Sondrio to play BM Italia Sondrio, which was the same team that we had beaten on Wednesday. We arrived at about 5:30 to find ourselves in a gym that used opened doors as the only form of air conditioning. The game started slow as we were unable to knock down shots. We quickly adjusted and gave ourselves a substantial lead heading into half time. We never let down and the game finished with a score of 93-45 giving us a 5-1 record for our European adventure. After the game we traveled back to the hotel for another highly anticipated meal and dessert. The team then walked around the town one last time to enjoy our last night in the amazing town of Bormio.

After finishing packing and eating a quick breakfast we left the hotel Saturday morning and headed to Lake Como. After a good three hours of travel and a little mishap with the directions we finally made it to our hotel. We were happy to discover free Wi-Fi in the center of the city so we all put on our bathing suits and headed to get some lunch in the city center.

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While eating we were able to watch scenes for a movie being shot in the city center that appeared to be similar to Disney’s High School Musical. We were unable to find a good spot to swim in the lake so we went back to the hotel to relax before a 7:30 dinner at a restaurant that was located right along the lake. Although it was a rainy night, we still had a beautiful view of the lake while we ate at our last restaurant of the trip. To finish off our last night we all walked around the city to buy some of our last gelato and use some free Wi-Fi to talk to our families and check social media.

This trip has brought me great excitement for the upcoming year. I can speak for everyone on this team when I say how thrilled I am to get back to Davidson and show what this team is capable of. The relationships we have made on this trip with one another became very evident in the way we played. This trip not only helped us with our chemistry on the court, but it has also given us some extra practice time so the freshman can get accustomed to how we play. We are all very grateful for this opportunity and for everyone who helped make this happen. We are going to surprise a lot of people this year! GO CATS!

Tyler Kalinoski

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