Friday, August 24, 2012


The five DCFH Seniors
By Sarah Fisher

The DCFH family reunited on August 9 to move into our homes for the academic year, sit in on meetings about the Athletic Training room rules, how to not violate the many NCAA rules, and a meeting introducing the 9 DCFH freshmen to our team and to our values: Commitment. Opportunity. Heart.

After completing a 12 week workout packet filled with a combination of long distance runs, long and short sprints, cross training workouts, and agilities, as well as the charge to play as much field hockey as possible over the summer , we each came in committed to working hard, learning lots, and, most importantly, we are committed to each other.

After graduating 8 seniors last season, 7 starting positions have opened up. This gives our program the opportunity to rethink our starting formation, have players try new positions, and the opportunity to shock our competition. While having 9 freshmen is certainly not a walk in the park it gives every returning player the opportunity to step up as leaders and demonstrate their knowledge of the collegiate game, understanding of Davidson’s campus layout, and the best ways to utilize your limited free time.

After 3 seasons filled with many injuries, team movie nights, road trips, locker room parties, and final scores, the 5 DCFH seniors reflect the heart of the our team. Being a varsity athlete at a top notch college is not an easy task. Our determination, drive, and will to succeed come from the heart. We endure challenges because we love the game and we love our team.

This year we will open our season at home against Georgetown and William and Mary. We have two weeks to get our act together and mold our team into a winning squad. We have to make a great deal a progress in this short time span, but I know it can be done. Each of us can improve and each of us will improve. We have a superb coaching staff who expects excellence in all that we done, we have experienced players willing to increase their responsibilities, and we have new players who are eager to learn. We spend long days on the turf being as efficient as possible because we know our time is valuable.

We want to win the NorPacs, we want to reach our potential, and we are willing to do the work that it takes to make that happen.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as the season progresses.

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