Tuesday, January 24, 2012


DCFH Team members "Side-Planking" during one of our team lifting sessions.
By Sarah Fisher

Hello Readers!

Whether you are stumbling across this blog entry because of a mishap with technology or you are one of Davidson field hockey's dedicated fans, I hope you are able to enjoy some part of what I will be sharing with you. My name is Sarah Fisher (Fish) and I am a junior goalkeeper here at Davidson. My goal for the next several months will be to keep you all updated on the happenings of DCFH. While we are not currently in our “game season,” we are hard at work preparing for fall 2012.

As the title of this entry might suggest, DCFH is currently in the offseason, except as any Division I athlete (or Nike t-shirt) would tell you, there is no offseason. Once our 2011 season came to an end in California last fall, a week later we were back to business, this time without the company of our eight wonderful seniors. We spent roughly a month off the turf, sticking to weight training and individual workouts. Once we departed Davidson for winter break, our spring season began. We were each given our favorite annual Christmas gift of a conditioning packet to ensure that we would maintain our rockin’ athletic physiques and be prepared for spring season.

Monday, January 23, 2012, 37 days prior to the first day of spring, DCFH officially began its spring season. As any present or past player will tell you, the first day of spring practice might be the most mentally tough practice of the year. It has become somewhat of a DCFH tradition to begin spring with a four mile outdoor run beginning and ending at Baker Sports Complex. A chilly 50 degrees and a nice misting (it can’t be described as rain) met the mighty 12 DCFHers. Yes, that is correct; there are only 12 of us. Our eight seniors are enjoying all the benefits of second semester senior year and three of our juniors are enjoying foreign lands. Annie Evans is headed to Mendoza, Argentina, Maddie Parrish is in Geneva, Switzerland and Brit Donaldson is in Costa Rica. With 12 total players, 10 field players and two goalkeepers, this spring will render the most individual attention a Division I athlete could ask for.

The eight DCFH seniors who left a wonderful legacy and continue to be with us in spirit during every run, practice and meeting.
We won’t be hitting the turf as a team until mid-February but for now we are staying busy with daily conditioning practices that include long runs, agilities, spinning, sprints, and boot camp runs. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we are in the weight room increasing our strength and explosiveness. Next week, individual practice sessions begin (I’ll spend a future entry highlighting the happenings of individuals).

Spring is a time of growth and renewal and for DCFH it is a vital part of our success during the regular season. This spring, each member of our team set three goals for the season. We each had to come up with a personal, field hockey related goal (low tackles, deceptive sweeps, and receptions to name a few), a team field hockey related goal (executing corners, finishing, and communication), and a personal, non-field hockey related goal (deciding on major, creating a sleep schedule, joining a new club). Throughout the spring, we will each have these goals in mind to motivate us to improve. Spring is not about winning, it is about improving both individually and as a team. We have the opportunity to make mistakes, ask questions, and enjoy our time together.

I think that’s all for now, there is much more to come. I hope you are able to join me for the fantastic adventure that is DCFH.

Until next time (goodbyes are the worst),

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