Monday, June 27, 2011

Volleyball Sophs Headed to Spain

Rising sophomore volleyball players Tindall Sewell and Caroline Brown (a.k.a. Lina) are studying abroad in Spain for five weeks this summer and will be blogging about their experiences. Check out their first entry!

Family, Friends, Davidson kids, random people stumbling upon our blog, or Lina’s thousand cousins,

Whatever brings you to this blog, I hope we can recapture our trip to Spain for you.  Whether it’s a long, short, thrilling, boring, or funny post, stick with us as long as you can over this five-week adventure (our parents need to know that we’re alive). We’ll update you as often as we feel necessary, and we can’t believe this day has finally come for us to leave!

I have a few expectations for the first day of our adventure: Lina will not need sleeping pills for the plane (she’s a veteran napper) and I will devour all Delta Biscoff cookies in sight (the best part about flying).  For now, Lina’s flight is on time (the first time these two phrases have been used in the same sentence), and she’s stopping in Atlanta for a brief layover before our 5:55 p.m. flight to Barcelona.  Willy’s with friends, west paces shopping center, Westminster, and the Sewell house will be the brief schedule for Atlanta, and then the journey begins to Spain.  We will be staying in Barcelona for 3 nights, Madrid for 3 nights, and then Cádiz (on the southern coast of Spain) for a month with a host family.  Our new mom’s name is María and we will have a 29-year-old sister, Chepa.  We’re technically there to earn two course credits, but I couldn’t tell you the names of them at the moment.  This is the preliminary information that we’ve received, but we’ll take each day as a surprise (it’s tough to translate the Spanish itinerary)!

Sit back, relax, and try to laugh at one of our stories!  We will miss all of our family and friends, thinking of you often on the trip!

See you soon America,
Lina and Tindall

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