Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finding A Voice

By Lauren Biggers
Davidson vs. The College of New Jersey

First of all, apologies. I haven’t written since Nov. 7. Before Thanksgiving. Before the snow storm canceled my Christmas trip to The Big Apple. Before Tiger Woods. (…Too soon?)

I have been meaning to, and I have wanted to. But I just haven’t quite been able to. Because much like this team, I am still finding my voice.

Of course, I like to write about wins, and forget about losses. I also can’t write about what I can’t see.

But by these criteria, I should’ve easily been able to write about Davidson’s 78-37 win over Fredonia State in Belk Arena on Nov. 25. And yet … nothing.

For the past three years, I knew what to expect and thus, how to write it.

See... While Stephen was entertaining you on the court, he was entertaining us off of it. And thus, there was always plenty to write about.

He’d make daily visits to our office, usually for interviews, but sometimes just to watch youtube. He always greeted with an enthusiastic high five (LISA!) and proceeded in a very specific pattern around the office. No. matter. what. Those not in their seats were treated to air high fives. (Riiiiichard! Imaginary Richard!)

You could always count on The Cheese to do something noteworthy. Everyone depended on him. The players, the coaches, the students, the fans, the marketing department, the ticket office, the Southern Conference, CBS, ESPN. We are still learning how much.

And I am no exception. Writing about Stephen (and Andrew and Jason and Thomas and Max and co.) was easy. Because I knew him. I know you’re probably tired of hearing the ‘Without Stephen’ story. Me too.

But there’s something to it. Because we are still figuring it out without him.

His roommate, the WL, carries on his traditions admirably, and this week, he inducted transfer Clint Mann. While juniors and seniors tend to have no problems wandering confidently into the SID office, others are not always so. Typically, Clint lingers in the doorway, as Bryant and I encourage him.

“You sit over there,” the WL directs.

He enters hesitantly and sits where he’s told. Proceeds to eat his lunch quietly as the WL and I go through our routine. How was class? What did you learn? When is practice? Do you like this (t-shirt/poster/newspaper ad) design? Too girlie?

We explain things to Clint. Like who is who. Like what we do. Like why Bryant’s supposed to eat lunch in the SID office at least once a week. Because it’s just what you do. Because I said so.

“It’s your first SID lunch!” I tell him. “This is a REALLY big deal.” Though I don’t think he believes me.

“What’s SID?” he asks, seriously. But he’s beginning to warm up now.

We all laugh. Because he doesn’t know. (Sports information department. You're standing in it.) Probably has no idea about this blog.

And I know this isn’t really a game story.

But you can read the actual game story for the play-by-play. There you will find Steve Rossiter’s double-double (Stats people love to write about double-doubles. As if 10 rebounds is significantly better than nine... It’s not.) There you will find Jake Cohen and J.P. Kuhlman. And the WL.

When I finally decided I could write about this team, my (very weak) attempt at an interview with one of the new kids failed. Next time. But I got it on good authority that Clint Mann and Will Reigel DID coordinate their game-day outfits.

In the future, I hope to write more game-like stories. But please, just be patient with me.

We are all still getting to know each other.


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