Monday, February 2, 2009


By Lauren Biggers
Men's Basketball vs. Western

I didn’t write this column after the last home game. (And I’m still surprised (thanks for reading!) how many people noticed.)

Sometimes the time gets away from me, and my thoughts are no longer ...timely.

Sometimes I let other people write, or take submissions from pseudo-sports information staff members. (Thanks, Tim Cowie! Will B!)

And sometimes, I just can’t find any inspiration. (I know, I know. I’m getting needy.)

And so, I posed this question to a certain POY-Candidate/Sports Info Temp after the Furman game. How do you keep the energy up when you’re up by 20, 30... 35 on somebody? Do you ever just hit the court and think, um, yeah, this one is over? Before tipoff?

No, no, NO. You never think that, comes the horrified reply.

Luckily, I am far from indicative of the pulse of the team, but after spending a good part of Saturday afternoon shouting (kind words!) at my TV, I am a little less inclined to feel such. (COME ON LOBSTAH!!!! ...YEEEEES!)

But last night, well, that was inspiring.

I’m not sure what exactly made the difference. Was it the pair of road games? Was it the near-scare at Samford? Was it the weather?

Whatever it was, there was a lot of energy in Belk Arena last night.

On the court, the players were feeding off it. And, as Western entered with a decidedly physical approach to their game plan, the Wildcats responded by making it rain indoors.

The WL, the youngest McKillop, WILL. Lots of threes. Lots of hands making claws. (!)

And that guy. Assuming this was in your scouting report, but if there’s someone you’d probably not wanna (elbow, er) anger, he’s, um, the one with the 30 on his back, because he will drop in 12 points in, say, 1:27? (I did math.)

It’s loud in here, no matter what the score. There’s chest-bumping. Table slapping. And there’s a guy in full-body purple spandex. (Think Spiderman in purple. I’m thinking the costumed White Lobstah vs. the purple wonder at halftime. But this is why I do stats, not promotions.)

And that mega-swat by Andrew LOVEdale before the break? That one nearly brought the house down, and has me (SO) excited for Saturday’s visit from Dickie V (OH, ARE YOU SERIOUS? THE BIG CAT, BAAAAAABY!)

The off-that-poor-guy’s-back inbounds play in the next period, from The Temp might be too much for the guy to handle... Is it Saturday yet?

And if the half-time margin of 49-31 isn’t enough, the ‘Cats open the second period with 12 straight courtesy of five different playas and roll to the 89-65 win in what was easily the most balanced offensive display I can recall.

With no use for his T-shirt, the purple guy surrenders it to MRS. Curry and slinks off.



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