Saturday, January 19, 2008

South Carolina in the Balance

By Robert O'Donnel

Charleston, S.C.

Hey, it’s Robert O’Donnell checking back in from Charleston, South Carolina.  I’d like to quickly say hello to my boys on the soccer team and wish them luck as they start preparing for the upcoming spring season. I haven’t forgotten about you guys.

But as for the Democratic Presidential Primary in South Carolina, we have just under six days before the voting begins. My task, along with the rest of our South Carolina field staff, over these next six days will be to meticulously prepare and plan for the upcoming primary. The days are getting longer and the pressure is on to perform. The feeling among the Obama team is very similar to that of a sports team heading into a big game, where you know your season hangs in the balance. Our focus is on staying positive and executing the game plan that has gotten us into the great position we are in now.

I’ve also had the opportunity to get to know people, in and outside of the campaign, of all different geographical and socioeconomic backgrounds, giving me a great perspective not only on the political process but also on the social landscape of South Carolina. From the big city of Charleston, to small rural towns in the Low Country, the people in South Carolina have been extremely accommodating and generous by bringing food to the office and allowing staffers to stay in their house. It has really shown me the true meaning of Southern Hospitality.

By all accounts, the race is just heating up and Getting Out the Vote will probably be the deciding factor in the outcome. We’ve developed an incredible grass-roots structure for the campaign where much of the state is relying on volunteers to lead our efforts. The New Hampshire primary gave me great insights on how to deal with the pre-voting day expectations and making sure I don’t buy into the media hype prior to Election Day. My focus is getting as many Obama supporters to the polls as possible. 

Anyways, I’m sure there’s another 500 voters to contact tonight, so I’m going to get back to that. I hope things are well at Davidson, and I wish all the Winter sports team the best of luck in the rest of their seasons.
-Rob O’Donnell

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